First Responder Resiliency Training 

Our Equine Assisted Service Facility, Spirits Healing Souls in El Dorado, Kansas, offers resiliency training for all first responders. 
  • Leadership 
  • Self-Awareness 
  • Mindful Readiness 
  • Bias Awareness
  • Situational Awareness 
  • Reduce PTSD
  • Listening Skills
  • Self-Reliance
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Peer Support
  • Critical Thinking Skills


The goal is to reduce PTSD and stress. Learn to be resilient to the job.  Practice critical thinking skills in unpredictable situation. This class is experiential training for the brain to practice coping skills, situational awareness, and biases. Working with horses on the ground teaches self-awareness so you can apply appropriate use of force in any situation. 

This is resiliency training for fire fighter, EMS, law enforcement, dispatch and anyone that deals with trauma on a daily bases.   Class hours are accepted as CEU credits by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. 

Equine Assisted Training

This resiliency training is unique in that horses create stress, frustration and self preservation instincts in people, as well as unpredictability that is very much a part of police and first responders work.

Peer support and team building is experienced by those who attend classes. Understanding personal biases, better listing skills as well as observation of nonverbal communication is all part of the class. Being mindful of where the horses and the people are in the arena is how they get the task done with the horses. This is a physical and mental practice of the classroom lecture.  

How one reacts or responds to a horse is how they react or respond to others in the community, at home, or work. Come see your reflection in a horse and practice mindful training. 
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