Equine Assisted Learning

Spirits Healing Souls in El Dorado Kansas, is a private equine assisted service facility available for counseling services. Studies have shown equine services have helped adults and children move to a better quality of life. This facility has a small office area and WiFi available should you need to write your report. 
Improving Social Skills

Understanding Secondary Trama

Children with behavior issues learn more positive behavior with being with horses. Weather is anger, frustrations, eating disorders and social disorders. Horses can show them what it means to trust and love.
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Working with Children

Secondary trauma is something that happens with anyone who works with children in the custody of the courts or the state.  Learning resiliency to what happens to the children is important for those who are responsible for services to these children.   

Other Services

  • Mental Health Professionals who want to use horses as a resource to help their clients. 
  • Child Services who want to plan an outing with the children
  • Adult programs that would like to use horses with their clients
During any session with a mental health professional an Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) Equine Specialist (ES) will be required. Spirits Healing Souls does have an EAGALA ES on staff if you need one.
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