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First Responder Resiliency Training 

Our Equine Assisted Service Facility, Spirits Healing Souls near Wichita, Kansas, offers resiliency training for all first responders. Training for all first responder classes involve these topics: 

• Leadership • Self-Awareness • Mindful Readiness • Trust Management
• Situational Awareness • Communication Skills • Self-Reliance • Team Building
• Peer Support

Law Enforcement Training

Our classes are accepted as training credits by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. Our program helps police officers, dispach, corrections officers, EMS, and fire fighters to mentally prepare for critical situations they encounter on the job.  The size and free will of the horse generate the self-preservation instinct that can be part of the job that is so difficult to replicate in a classroom or scenario.  You can practice self-regulating skills with the unpredictability of the horses in this classroom.  What you practice in the classroom will help you maintain focus and anticipate situations that may occur.

Equine Assisted Learning Services

This resiliency training is unique in that horses create stress, frustration and self preservation instincts in people, as well as unpredictability that is very much a part of police work.

Peer support and team building is experienced by those who attend classes. Understanding personal baises, better listing skills as well as observation of nonverbal communication is all part of the class.  Being mindful of where the horses and the people are in the arena is how they get the task done with the horses. This is a physical and mental practice of the classroom lecture. 

How one reacts or responds to a horse is how they react or respond to others in the community, at home, or work. Come see your reflection in a horse and practice mindful training. 

Horse At a Pond

Equine Assisted Learning Services

You can work to build or modify your communication skills and techniques with our equine assisted learning services. Our classes work to counsel you on situational adaptation through the spirit of the horse. This process requires an equine specialist to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the horse. In many ways, a horse's behavior and your interpretations of that behavior are what drives this type of learning and allows you to see the effects of your own behavior.