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Equine Assisted Learning for Better Communication

Spirits Healing Souls near Wichita, Kansas, is a private equine assisted service facility available for counseling services. Studies have shown equine services have helped adults and children move to a better quality of life.  This facility has a small office area and WiFi availabe should you need to write your report. 

Girl With a Horse

Learning Positive Behaviors

Children with behavior issues learn more positive behavior with being with horses. Weather is anger, frustrations, eating disorders and social disorders. Horses can show them what it means to trust and love.

Improving Social Skills

Designed to help you become more comfortable in any environment, our one-on-one sessions with horses can demonstrate how, like humans, horses like to be around others and to feel safe and comfortable. Horses are a great tool to help break the ice between a traumatized child and the world. Often times adults can be the perpetrator, so children will not trust the adults.  A touch from a horse is the first experience of trust a child might have. Horses know what is in our horse and its with that experience we learn about ones self. Our Equine assisted service facility is a great resource for mental health professionals to use in understanding individual or group behavior. Horses are curious about their surroundings, in ways that are similar to how humans act.

Our Specialties

  Informative workshops of how to use horses for mental health services are available.  Equine assisted counseling can be used in conjuction with talk therapy with the mental health professional. An equine specialist is required for all sessions for everyones safety.  The Equine Specialist needs to be certified through Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association  (EAGALA)

Our Sessions

• Discounts Offered for Groups of Three Or More •

Mental health professionals and social workers can book individual sessions for 45 minutes or group sessions for 75 mintues. During these sessions an Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) Equine Specialist (ES) will be required. Spirits Healing Souls does have an EAGALA ES on staff if you need one.